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RxVantage was founded on the premise that the exchange of knowledge between pharmaceutical companies and health care providers is essential for patient care. Everything we do is aimed at helping to modernize and improve this critical knowledge exchange and relationship.


RxVantage digitizes the physician-pharma relationship via our cloud-based platform


Nearly 2,000,000 positive provider/rep educational interactions enabled by RxVantage


Every month, we save offices and reps over 100,000 hours of time previously wasted on driving, waiting, scheduling and managing interactions


RxVantage is free to use for all medical practices and reps

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need customer support, what is the phone number?

Our customer support line is open Mon-Fri from 6am – 5pm PST . Give us a call at (866) 464-2157.

How much does RxVantage cost?

RxVantage is completely free for medical practices and we have a free version for medical sales reps.

I can't download anything on my computer, can I still use RxVantage?

RxVantage is a web-based service. There is nothing to download. You can access your account from any computer by simply logging into our website.

How do you make money?

We have an optional, Premium version for medical sales reps that offers additional productivity tools such as mobile app access, RxAlerts and team connectivity. No rep is ever required to use Premium, but most subscribe for the benefits. We also make revenue through partnerships.

Can all reps use RxVantage?

We’ve worked with the compliance departments of all major pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers to ensure sales reps are approved to use RxVantage.

I have a feature suggestion, can you help?

We are always looking for your feedback and suggestions for improving the product, customer experience and anything else you can think of.  This feedback is often the basis for our continued innovation and improvements.  Give us a call or email us anytime.

(866) 464.2157

Do you have an app?

Yes. You can download our IOS app if you use an iPhone or iPad or our Android app if you have an android device.

The Latest News

RxVantage Introduces Corporate Subscription for BioPharma Firms Seeking to Increase Educational “Face Time” with Physicians

New data shows that biopharma firms that provide reps with a subscription to RxVantage realize average of 2.4 times more physician appointments than non-subscribing reps.

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